Exploreing TipsEdit

  • Always Engage a Raid Boss because you get your entrance AP fee back.
  • Only explore areas you can beat.
  • Never go back to lower level areas unless you're farming items.
  • Never explore the Level 30 Hidden or Daily Area you will get owned.
  • Farm the area that has a high spawn for 4 star boss cards.
  • Farm as many FP as you can, used for end game dungeons.
  • Don't be scared to use Red Potions, they can be purchased in the item shop.
  • Use Red Potions in level 30+ dungeons only.

Leveling Up TipsEdit

  • Always go to a dungeon you know can clear.
  • Farm the 4 star boss cards ASAP.
  • Add a lot of random friends, last hitting a Raid Boss gives you 30-40k EXP
  • Never solo a Raid Boss, it is a waste of FP that is used for end game dungeons.

Potion TipsEdit

  • Using Red Potions is ok but don't go crazy.
  • Save your White Potions, the dungeons at level 40+ are very challenging.
  • Never use your green potions. (Save it for when the hidden area pops up)
  • Never EVER use a yellow potion.
  • Yellow potions should only be used for Unique Skills that have "Purple" border around it. Purple>Gold>Silver

Friend PointsEdit

  • Even though you have a lot of FP now save it.
  • End Game dungeons require a lot of FP.
  • Only nuke a Raid Boss once.

Important Cards & Leveling Up Right OnesEdit

  • Four Star Boss Cards
  • Never ever use Pink Tickets on Cards, save it for End Game.
  • Level Up All your 4-5 star cards in your line up to 20 first then all to 30 then all to 40
  • Don't need to level up your Purple EXP cards. Just feed it directly.
  • DO NOT FEED OR THROW AWAY your 4 star cards to your other cards. You will use them for end game crafting in the future.
  • Card LEVEL UP Bonus is every Sunday.