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Devil MakerEdit

Play a unique RPG card battle game unlike any that have come before! With exciting card battles, a strategic combat system, and outstanding card illustrations, you’re sure to fall in love with Devil Maker: Tokyo!

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, eternal darkness has blanketed Tokyo, and devils from another dimension have taken over the streets. You play as a “contractor,” someone who is able to form contracts with the devils of darkness to try to bring light back to the world. The problem is, your memories only go back 10 years. 

Who were you before then? With the help of the devil Yuki and your deck of fearsome devils, battle throughout Tokyo to try to unlock the keys to your past! Unofficial Facebook group

Devil Maker: Tokyo



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Key Features

Over 500 fascinating devil cards

A new breed of TCG, Devil Maker: Tokyo is unlike any game of its genre

Battle devils throughout Tokyo in Explore mode

Discover your mysterious past in Story mode

Battle against your fellow contractors in the Arena

Strategically form your devil party

Upgrade devil cards by merging them with other devils, recontracting with current devils, or evolving your devils

Transfer skills from one card to another

Fight with your Friends against the Core of Darkness, the source of the devils’ power

Play along to the game’s fantastic original soundtrack

Much more! Watch out for Devil Maker: Tokyo to discover why it is far from your average card battle game!

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